URL Rewrites


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With URL Rewrites you change any URL that is associated with a product, category, or CMS page. When the rewrite goes into effect, any links that point to the previous URL are redirected to the new address.

Configuring URL Rewrites

URL rewrites make it possible to make existing URLs more “search engine friendly” and also easier for humans to read. Magento routinely uses URL rewrites to remove the file name “index.php” that normally appears in the URL just after the root folder. When Web Server Rewrites are enabled, the system rewrites each URL to omit “index.php.”

By default, Web Server Rewrites are always enabled in ScandiPWA. You will never see the URL of your stores appear with the "index.php" part. Therefore, NOTE! the Use Web Server Rewrites setting is deprecated in ScandiPWA.

Automatic Product Redirects

Your store can be configured to automatically generate a permanent redirect whenever the URL key of a product or category changes.

Redirects to the new address after changing the URL are supported by ScandiPWA out of the box!


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