Catalog Search

Catalog search plays a huge role in e-commerce as customers as twice as likely to make a purchase on your store if they are using search.

In this section you will found what search options are offered by ScandiPWA:




Quick Search


The search text can be the full or partial product name or any other word or phrase that describes the product. Customers are welcome to enter the search text in the search box located in the header of your store, any matches in the catalog will appear below in the search overlay.

Advanced Search


Advanced Search lets shoppers search the catalog based on values entered into a form. Because the form contains multiple fields, a single search can include several parameters.

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Search Results


The Search Results page includes all products that match the search criteria entered in the Quick Search box.

Weighted Search


Product attributes that are enabled for catalog search can be assigned a weight to give them a higher value in search results. Set Search Weight to a number from 1 to 10, where 10 has the highest priority.

Catalog Search Configurations


ScandiPWA does not provide support for catalog search configuration. The search will be accomplished as soon as the search field is not empty.