Core Content


Use the test cases below to test your ScandiPWA App!

Same as Magento, the ScandiPWA demo store has examples of core content pages to help you get started. All of the pages can be modified to meet your needs.

Below find the demo pages provided by ScandiPWA by default:




By default, the demo homepage includes an image slider, several static blocks with links, and a list of category products. In ScandiPWA, the homepage is configured as a CMS page and can be changed in Content → Pages → Homepage

About Us

The “About Us” page is linked from the menu of your store. You can include images different contect based on your preferences in Content → Pages → About Us

Privacy Policy

The link to the page in located in the footer of your store. Your store’s “Privacy Policy” page should be updated with your own information and can be changed in Content → Pages → Privacy and Cookie Policy. Learn more about Privacy Policy.

404 Not Found

The “404 Page Not Found” page is named for the response code that is returned when a page cannot be found.

Terms & Conditions

The sample page is linked from the footer of your store and includes a sample content of shopping terms and conditions. The content can be changed in Content → Pages → Terms & Conditions

You're offline

PWA introduces the offline notice to inform customers that they are offline and the new content cannot be loaded. The “online” and “offline” browser events are used to toggle the notification. Learn more about Offline Notice.


To verify the support for this section, use the following test cases: