Cart Configuration

The cart configuration offers a variety of settings, e.g. it determines when the customer is redirected to the cart page, and which images are used for product thumbnails.

Below, you can find the most popular cart configuration settings supported by the ScandiPWA theme.




Display Cart Summary


Determines how the cart summary is displayed. Options:

  • Display item quantities

  • Display number of items (different products) in cart.

In ScandiPWA, the cart summary always displays the quantities of the items.

After Adding a Product Redirect to Shopping Cart


The shopping cart page can be configured to appear whenever an item is added to the cart, or only when customers choose to go to the page.

NOTE! In ScandiPWA, the redirect to the shopping cart after adding a product is always set to "No".

Quote Lifetime (days)


You can determine how long a price is valid by setting the cart quote lifetime in the configuration.

NOTE! In ScandiPWA, the shopping cart quote lifetime is always 1 day.

Display Shopping Cart Sidebar


The Cart Sidebar is often called the “mini cart,” and displays a summary of the items in the cart. It is enabled by default and appears when you click the number of items in the Cart Link. The setting determines whether the cart sidebar is visible on the storefront.

NOTE! In ScandiPWA, the cart sidebar is always visible on the storefront.

Maximum Display Recently Added Item(s)


Determines the maximum number of recently added items that you want to appear in the mini cart.

NOTE! ScandiPWA will always display all the items that have been added to the cart.

Minimum Order Amount


The configuration allows you to specify a minimum amount after discounts are applied, that order subtotals are required to meet.

Allow Reorders


When enabled, reorders can be made directly from the original order in the Admin.

Cart Thumbnails


The thumbnail images in the cart give customers a quick overview of the items they are about to purchase. Options:

  • Product Thumbnail Itself

  • Parent Product Thumbnail

NOTE! In ScandiPWA, the cart thumbnails for both configurable and grouped product types are always set to be the product thumbnail itself.

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Gift Options


The Gift Options configuration determines if customers can add a gift message.

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Persisted cart


A persistent shopping cart keeps track of unpurchased items which are left in the cart and saves the information for the customer’s next visit.

Comparing to the default Magento, ScandiPWA uses local storage to enable cart persistence instead of cookies. By default, the persisted cart is always enabled.

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