Checkout Configuration

Checkout configuration determines the checkout process experience. You can manage the requirements to make a purchase, available checkout options, etc. In this section, you will find the ScnadiPWA solution for the most popular checkout configuration settings.

Below, you can find the most popular checkout configuration settings supported by ScandiPWA:




Guest Checkout


Your store can be configured to require shoppers to open an account before making a purchase.

One Page Checkout


The purpose of OnePage Checkout is to gather the information that is needed, and complete the sale as quickly as possible. When Onepage Checkout is enabled, the entire checkout process takes place on a single page.

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Checkout Totals Sort Order


The order of each item determines the sequence of the calculations and is set in the configuration by a number that is assigned to each item.

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Terms and Conditions


When the Terms and Conditions setting is enabled, customers are required to agree to the terms and conditions of the sale before the purchase is finalized. Learn more about Terms and Conditions.

Gift Options


The selection of available gift options appears in the cart before the checkout process begins. The Gift Options configuration determines if customers can add a gift message or greeting card, and the gift wrapping options that are available.

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