Simple Product
A simple product is a physical item with a single SKU. Simple products can be associated with configurable, grouped, or bundle.
ScandiPWA theme supports simple product display on the storefront.
Simple product management in ScandiPWA

To create a simple product:

    Access the admin > Catalog > Products
    Tap the dropdown arrow on the Add Product button
    Tap Simple Product
    Complete the Required Settings
    Complete the Basic Settings
    Complete the Product Information. To see, which settings are supported by ScandiPWA, refer to Product Settings.
    When complete, tap Save.
Caching Note
After any change, the product will be updated on the front-end immediately after save as they are part of the ScandiPWA caching solution that will invalidate caching entries for the updated content. No cache flush or any other manual operations are necessary. Content will be visible after page refresh and a new cache entry will be stored.
Last modified 3mo ago