Payment Methods

In ScandiPWA, different payment methods can be set to each website. The theme offers you multiple payment methods to choose from:

Recommended Solutions:




PayPal Express Checkout


PayPal Express Checkout helps boost sales by giving your customers the ability to pay by credit card or from the security of their personal PayPal accounts. During the checkout, the customers are logging in their personal PayPal account in a sandbox, not leaving your store.

PayPal Credit


PayPal Credit offers your customers quick access to financing, so they can buy now and pay over time, at no additional cost to you.

NOTE! PayPal credit is not supported in the ScandiPWA theme.



Braintree allows you to accept credit/debit cards and PayPal without any setup or monthly fees. Your customers never leave your store to complete the purchase.

Other Payment Methods:

Klarna Payments


Klarna lets your customers choose how they want to pay, and supports the purchase with buyer protection and excellent customer service.

NOTE! Currently, only "pay later" option is supported by the ScandiPWA. For the remaining payment options support, track the progress here -



With Stripe, businesses from 35 countries can accept all major debit and credit cards with one unified integration in 135+ currencies, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other local payment methods, like Klarna, Alipay or SEPA Direct Debit.

Basic Payment Methods:

Check / Money Order


Allows you to accept payments by check or money order. You can accept checks and money orders from only specific countries, and fine-tune the configuration with minimum and maximum order total limits.

Cash On Delivery


Allows you to accept COD payments for purchases. You can accept COD payment from only specific countries, and fine-tune the configuration with minimum and maximum order total limits.

Bank Transfer


Allows you to accept payment that is transferred from a customer’s bank account and deposited into your merchant bank account.

Purchase Order


A purchase order (PO) allows commercial customers to pay for authorized purchases by referencing the PO number.

Zero Subtotal Checkout


Zero Subtotal Checkout can be used for orders with a subtotal of zero that are taxed after a discount is applied.

NOTE! Stored Payment Methods will be supported by the ScandiPWA theme in the upcoming releases. Track the progress here -