Your store is loaded with places where you can enter keyword-rich metadata to improve the way search engines index your site. Since ScandiPWA is a Single Page Application theme for Magento, by default, we introduce the prerender mechanism for search engines to be able to index your site.

Below, find the possibilities of setting the metadata to your store supported by ScandiPWA:




Meta Title


The meta title appears in the title bar and tab of your browser, and search results listings.

Meta Keywords


Determines the incorporate high-value keywords.

Meta Description


Meta descriptions provide a brief overview of the page for search results listings.

Canonical Meta Tag


The canonical meta tag tells search engines which page to index when multiple URLs have identical or very similar content.

NOTE! Canonical meta tag configuration from the Magento admin is deprecated in ScandiPWA. In ScandiPWA, the full category path is never included in the canonical product URL.

Rich Snippets


Rich snippets provide detailed information for search results listings and other applications. In ScandiPWA, by default, structured data markup that is based on the standard is added to your store’s product template.

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