Checkout Steps


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When the checkout process begins, the transaction shifts to a secure, encrypted channel. The Checkout page leads the customer through each step of the process. Customers who are logged into their accounts can complete checkout quickly because much of the information is already in their accounts.

Step 1: Shipping Step

During the checkout first step, the customer needs to fill in his shipping information, as well as to select the preferred shipping method. If a customer is logged in and already has preconfigured shipping addresses, his default shipping address will be preselected automatically, but it can be changed if needed.

For not logged-in users, we provide an ability to log in to create a new, or register to an existing account.

On the right side of the checkout page is the order summary. It includes product information, taxes, coupon code if any, shipping fee, and order total.

Step 2: Billing Step

During the second checkout step, the customer needs to fill in his billing information and choose the preferred payment method.

If the billing information matches the shipping information, the customer does not need to fill in the address twice. By default, the "My billing and shipping are the same" checkbox is marked, which hides the fields for billing step information.

The order summary is located on the right, similarly to the shipping step.


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