Slider Management

The Slider Manager is developed by Scandiweb and allows displaying your banner images in a sliding carousel.

It features full responsiveness to seamlessly integrate with your mobile design. The slider allows you to set different slider images for mobile and desktop views. You can create as many sliders as you like and place them on many pages and positions using the M2 built-in widget system.

Step 1: Create a new slider

  1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Scandiweb. Then under Slider, choose Sider Manager.

  2. Choose Add New button

  3. Fill in the General information:



Slider Title

Title to identify the slider


Enable or disable the slider

Slide Speed

Set the time for how long each slide is displayed.

4. Click the Save And Continue Edit button.

Step 2: Add slides to the slider

  1. In the menu on the right, open the Manage slides section and choose Add New

  2. Fill in the General Slide information:



Slide Title

Title to identify the slide


Enable or disable slide

Store View

Store views in which this slide will be visible

3. Fill in the Slide content:



Image Mobile

Image to display in the slide in the mobile view

Image Desktop

Image to display in the slide in the desktop view

Block Text

Text to display (overlaps image)

4. Click Save And Continue Edit button

Caching Note

The menu will be updated on the front-end immediately after save as they are part of the ScandiPWA caching solution that will invalidate caching entries for the updated content. No cache flush or any other manual operations are necessary. Content will be visible after page refresh and a new cache entry will be stored.

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