Wish Lists


Use the test cases below to test your ScandiPWA App!

In ScandiPWA, a wish list is a list of products that can be saved for later to transfer the products to the shopping cart.

To use a Wish List, the customer must be registered. Once the customer logs in, it immediately becomes possible to add products to the wish list. This can be achieved through the product description page where the Add to Wishlist button is located. If a configurable product is added to the Wishlist, ScandiPWA will add the exact configurable option the customer has chosen.

To see what options the ScandiPWA Wishlist offers, please visit My Wishlist section.

To see what configurations are supported by ScandiPWA, please visit Configuring the Wish List section.


To verify the support for this section, use the following test cases:

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