Frequently Asked Questions

The logo is not changing

For the changes to appear on the storefront, it is required to Flush Cache Storage after saving the configuration:

  1. On the admin sidebar, open System.

  2. Under Tools, choose Cache Management.

  3. Select Flush Cache Storage.

No padding-left and padding-right are present on the homepage or other CMS pages

There are two width states for CMS pages - full and default. To manage the setting:

  1. On the admin sidebar, open Content.

  2. Under Elements, choose Pages.

  3. Open any page in edit mode.

  4. Scroll down until the Design section.

  5. Under Design, set the Width to one of the following:

    1. Full - to display the content in the full size of the screen.

    2. Default - to display the content with side padding.

  6. When done, tap Save.

There is no space between "Accept" and "read more" buttons in the checkout terms and conditions.

It can be fixed by adding space to the checkbox text:

  1. On the admin sidebar, open Stores.

  2. Under Settings, choose Terms and Conditions.

  3. Open your terms and conditions in edit mode.

  4. Add one space after the checkbox text.

  5. When done, tap Save.

  6. On the admin sidebar, open System.

  7. Under Tools, choose Cache Management.

  8. Select Flush Cache Storage.

A black page appears after changing the store locale

Changing store locale requires switching translation bundle on the code level. Please learn more about store locale configuration here.

Layered navigation is not visible on the product listing page

The issue might appear when there are no products assigned to your category in the back-end. On the storefront, however, it might be not noticeable since products assigned to subcategories will be shown on the parent category pages. To fix it:

  1. On the admin sidebar, open Catalog.

  2. Choose Categories.

  3. Open your category in edit (the one where no layered navigation is present).

  4. Expand the Products in Category section.

  5. Add products to the category.

  6. When done, tap Save.

How can I know the current version of ScandiPWA on my website?

The ScandiPWA version cannot be tracked via the Magento admin panel. The only way how to know it is by using the composer info scandipwa/source command in your terminal.

The CMS block content can be changed based on the guide under the Content Customization guide.

Shipping methods are not visible in the checkout

Make sure you proceed to checkout with non-virtual products added to the cart. When purchasing only virtual products, no shipping step is present in the checkout.

To change the product type from virtual to simple, change the Weight attribute to This item has weight in the Magento 2 product edit page.

Attributes are not loading for configurable product on the product page

Make sure your attribute is marked as Visible on Catalog Pages on Storefront in the Magento admin.

The setting can be found in admin > Stores > Attributes > Product > Attribute edit mode > Storefront Properties > Visible on Catalog Pages on Storefront.

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