Creating a Customer Account

ScandiPWA provides your customers with the ability to create their own customer account on your website to enjoy the benefits like fast and easy checkout and self-service.

In the header of each page of your website is the login/registration button. In the overlay, your customers can create a new account, sign in, or request the email to change their passwords.

To share a link to the registration page, there is a dedicated page created in ScandiPWA. The registration page can be accessed by adding /customer/account/create to your domain. For example,

During the registration process, the customer can subscribe to the newsletter by marking the appropriate checkbox after filling in his last name.

To create a new account

The registration of a new customer happens in the overlay.

  1. Click on the Create an Account button in the login/registration overlay.

  2. Fill in the personal information

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

  3. Mark the Subscribe to newsletter checkbox, if you want to receive the newsletters (optional).

  4. Enter your Email address.

  5. Enter your Password.

  6. Enter the password again to Confirm Password.

  7. When complete, tap Create an Account.

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