Display Settings

In the Display Settings, you can configure the content elements that you want to appear on a category page as well as the order for products in the category:




Display Mode


The setting determines the content elements displayed on the category page.



The setting includes the “filter by attribute” section in the layered navigation. In ScandiPWA, layered navigation is always displayed on category pages.

Available Product Listing Sort By


In ScandiPWA, the default Product Listing Sort By values are Position (Ascending/ Descending), Product (A to Z/ Z to A), and Price (Low to High/ High to Low). All of them are always available on the storefront.

Default Product Listing Sort By


The default Product Listing Sort By can be set to your preference in the Back End for each store view and will be preselected when a user opens a certain category.

NOTE! "Size" is not available as a sort by in ScandiPWA.

Layered Navigation Price Step


By default, Magento displays the price range in increments of 10, 100, and 1000, depending on the products in the list. To change the Price Step range, deselect the Use Config Settings checkbox.

Caching Note

The display settings will be updated on the Front-End immediately after save as they are part of the ScandiPWA caching solution that will invalidate caching entries for the updated content. No cache flush or any other manual operations are necessary. Content will be visible after page refresh and new cache entry will be stored.

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