Uploading Product Images

ScandiPWA supports the product image upload from the Back-End.




Image Upload


To upload your image, drag an image from your desktop or tap the camera icon, and navigate to the image file on your computer.

Image Rearrange


To change the order of images in the gallery, tap the sort icon at the bottom of the image tile. Then, drag the image to a different position in the Images box.

Deleting Images


To remove an image from the gallery, tap the delete icon in the upper-right corner of the image tile.

Alt Text


Image Alt text is referenced by screen readers to improve web accessibility, and by search engines when indexing the site.

Hide Image


To exclude an image from the thumbnail gallery, mark the Hidden checkbox in the detailed image view.

Assigning a Role


Determines how the image is used on the storefront.

Available options: Small, Thumbnail, Base. See the table below to know more about available image roles.

Assigning an Image Role:




Small image is used as a product image on product listing pages and in sections such as cross-sells and related products.

NOTE! With filters selected on the product listing page, ScandiPWA will respect the selected attribute values and display the corresponding product images.


Thumbnail image appears in the cart, checkout and detailed order view in the customer account.


The base image is the main image on the product detail page.

NOTE! When an image is set as base, it is rearranged automatically to appear as the first image on the product description page.

Caching Note

The images and videos will be updated on the front-end immediately after save as they are part of the ScandiPWA caching solution that will invalidate caching entries for the updated content. No cache flush or any other manual operations are necessary. Content will be visible after page refresh and a new cache entry will be stored.

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