Address Book

For a faster checkout process, the customers can add addresses that they use frequently to the address book.

The address book page gives the ability of:

  • Add New Address

  • Manage the existing addresses

Adding New Address

The customer's addresses are previewed on the address book page with five main fields being visible: First name, Last name, Street, Postal Code, and Phone Number.

To add a new address:

  1. In the sidebar of your Account Dashboard, choose Address Book.

  2. On the Address Book page, tap Add New Address

  3. Complete the contact and address information:

    1. First name

    2. Last name

    3. Phone number

    4. City

    5. Country

    6. State/Province

    7. Zip/Postal code

    8. Street address

  4. Mark the following checkboxes to indicate how the address is to be used (optional):

    1. This is the default Billing Address

    2. This is the default Shipping Address

  5. When complete, tap Save Address.

Managing the existing addresses

On the address book page, your customers can manage their addresses by editing them, deleting them, and setting them as default for billing or shipping.

There can be only one default billing and default shipping address. The default addresses appear as preselected in the checkout.


The default addresses cannot be deleted. To delete the default address, please first edit the address and remove the "default" checkbox.

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